Wedding photo books

Outstanding print quaility and craftsmanship

Photobooks for you

20 х 20 cm. - 280 BGN
25 х 25 cm. - 310 BGN
30 х 30 cm. - 350 BGN

Photobook copies for your close ones

20 х 20 cm. - 140 BGN
25 х 25 cm. - 190 BGN
30 х 30 cm. - 250 BGN

What should you know?

  • The prices are for 1 photobook in the respective size for a folded book with 15 spreads, i.e. 30 hard pages, which unfold to 180 degrees and don't allow for parts of the photographs to be hidden.

  • The number of pictures, which I usually include in a photobook is between 60 and 150

  • Your photobook can have a leather cover with a big variety of colours and tectures or a combination of leather and a picture. Each project is printed after a discussion with the clients, making amendmends and final approval.

  • Usually the photobook design takes between 5 and 10 business days, amendments to the design take 1 to 3 business and the printing process requires between 8 and 12 business days.

  • We have been offering photobooks to our newlyweds for almost 10 years. During this time we have designed hundreds of wedding photobooks having tested and worked with many printing houses in Bulgaria and abroad. Now more that ever I can say that we offer photobooks "for life" - durable production, excellent materials, vibrant colours.
Wedding photobook Photobook 30x30cm. and photobook 20x20cm.

How to order?

  1. Contact me at +359887551378 or, to discuss the order.If I wasn't your wedding photographer, I will send you a form to upload the pictures that you want me to use in the design.

  2. I will design a project that you will review. If necessary, we will change, add or remove photos.

  3. After your final approval, we print the books and deliver them either personally or via courrier.

Examples of photobook layouts

Wedding photobooks design
Wedding photobook Photobook 30x30cm. and photobook 20x20cm. Photobook with wedding photos Photoalbum Photobooks